Abby Conway

Abby Conway

Abby Conway is an avid Orangetheory goer, enjoys traveling to spend time with friends & family, and spending time with her sweet golden retriever puppy, Joy.

Abby Conway is an avid Orangetheory goer, enjoys traveling to spend time with friends & family, and spending time with her sweet golden retriever puppy, Joy.

  Abby brings experience in leadership development, curriculum writing and design, and facilitation. Throughout her career thus far, she has delivered individualized content to clients through programming, overseen the development and implementation of continuous training for a team, and designed curriculum to enhance organizational experiences through blog writing and workshop curriculum. Abby currently serves as the Director of Learning for the Center for Leadership Excellence in Indianapolis, where she spends her days immersed in curriculum and training design. 

Abby received a B.S. in Education from Florida State University and a M.S. in Education from Indiana University–Bloomington.


Shine: Multiplying Women’s Empowerment, Friendship, and Collaboration

Keynote | Workshop | Virtual | Retreat

Women are taught to compete; compete for opportunities, acknowledgement, and space. Many efforts at women’s empowerment stop only at the competition. 

What’s beyond it, though?

Abby Conway has an answer—instead of focusing on competing with one another, we should focus on how brightly we can shine together. In this signature program, a fresh take on developing powerful relationships, she shares how we can nurture our own light while simultaneously multiplying that of other women. In our organizations, leadership positions, and life beyond campus, the path to the future will be illuminated by the light we will produce together. 

Ideal Audiences

  • Women’s Empowerment
  • Sorority
  • Leadership Development  
  • Community Colleges

Audience members will…

  • Consider ways in which competition influences how we develop and foster meaningful relationships.

  • Explore how our personal choices can limit or multiply the shine of other women.

  • Develop a framework, based on Shine Theory, to influence how we interact and empower other women.

Audience members will…

  • Define the difference between “mental health” and “mental illness”.

  • Review the two most common mental health challenges facing college students today: anxiety and depression.

  • Discover their beliefs and assumptions about “feelings”.

  • Identify practical steps they can take to begin to “lead with feelings”.

If Everyone is “Fine” - Then What’s Wrong With Me?

Keynote | Workshop | Virtual

Have you ever wondered how we became a society of “fine”? When did the “Feeling Train” get so far off the track? How did we all become conditioned to be “fine” 24-hours a day, 7-days a week and, more importantly, can we get the Train back on track?

The good news, the research suggests it’s possible. The even better news, it might not be as hard as we think.

This program will allow students to better understand both anxiety and depression and how those mental health challenges might show up in their friends and classmates. Attendees will then be led through a guided discovery period to identify their beliefs and assumptions about “feelings” and craft ways they can lead with feelings both in the classroom and in life.

Join Archie Messersmith-Bunting as we discuss the science behind your feelings, discover new ways to express what you’re feeling, and learn all important questions to ask when you are worried someone in your life might not be “fine”.

Ideal Audiences

  • Fraternity/Sorority Life
  • New Member Orientation
  • Mental Health & Wellness
  • Healthy Masculinity

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