ForCollegeForLife Brand Resources

It is important to ensure consistent use of our name and logos across media in order to build a strong, cohesive brand.

Important Name Note

ForCollegeForLife is one word with zero spaces with the letter of each word capitalized:


not For College For Life.

Official Colors of ForCollegeForLife

Primary Color

Hex Code: #003366
RGB: 0, 51, 102

Secondary Color

Hex Code: #B8860B
RGB: 184, 134, 11

Accent Blue

Hex Code: #D9EAF5
RGB: 217, 234, 245

Fonts of ForCollegeForLife

Primary Font


Secondary Font

Roboto Slab

Important Logo Use Guidelines

  1. The appearance of the logo is never modified.
  2. Avoid stretching or skewing the logo.
  3. Do not change the colors of the logo, instead, use the correct color variation provided below. Do not add shadows behind the logo.
  4. Type is never to be printed over the logo.
  5. Fonts included in the logo should not be substituted, stretched, condensed, etc.


This primary logo is to be used most of the time. 


This logo is only to be used on dark backgrounds when the ForCollegeForLife blue is not legible.

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