Casey J. Cornelius

Casey J. Cornelius

Founder and President of ForCollegeForLife, Casey J. Cornelius has been a leading national voice on the topics of healthy masculinity and personal development for more than a decade. He travels the country, both physically and virtually, to work with campuses and organizations who aim toward the extraordinary.

Founder and President of ForCollegeForLife, Casey J. Cornelius has been a leading national voice on the topics of healthy masculinity and personal development for more than a decade. He travels the country, both physically and virtually, to work with campuses and organizations who aim toward the extraordinary.

Casey is not interested in average! 

Born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio Casey is a first-generation college graduate holding a Bachelor’s and two Master’s degrees despite once being advised “college isn’t for everyone.” A proud fraternity man and inductee of his chapter’s Hall of Fame, Casey is the creator of The Cornelius Scholarship for First-Generation Students and was named a University of Toledo Distinguished Alumni in 2023.

He has been recognized with national and international awards for educational content development and delivery and as a “Spokes-Mo” (their word, not his) for his work with the Movember Foundation. 

Fun fact: Casey is also a person of great contradiction. A lifelong fan of summer and long walks on the beach, he now resides with his wife, daughter, and parents in Michigan. 

His proudest titles are father, husband, and son.


Be The Man: A Movement for Healthy Masculinity

Keynote | Workshop | Retreat

America is worried about young men. They point to issues of poor conduct, declining academic success, and a lack of positive male role models and use words like problematic, dangerous, and toxic to describe behavior

For years, Casey J. Cornelius is recognized as the leading voice on the topic of healthy masculinity for college men. His signature program, Be The Man, works to engage audiences in a meaningful dialogue about these issues and proposes a path toward a healthier form of manhood which solves so many of society’s challenges.

The program (keynote, workshop, or retreat) addresses four main topics:

  • Current issues (where we are)
  • Socialization of masculinity (how we got here)
  • Performance of masculinity (how we act/interact)
  • The “Be The Man” Challenge (where we can go)

Campuses and organizations across the nation have worked with Casey to create environments and experiences to better engage men and allow them to live fuller, healthier, and happier lives.

Be The Man is the beginning of a discussion and Casey is ready to lead it.

***Ask about the companion workshop, The Second Question: Deepening Dialogue for Men’s Health and Well-Being, to equip and empower individuals to engage in help-giving behavior. This can be added onto the Be The Man keynote or scheduled independently in 1.5, 3, or 6 hour programming timeframes.

Audience members will…

  • Consider the current narrative about college men

  • Explore how we learn the “rules” of manhood in society and groups

  • Identify how masculinity is performed

  • Determine how relationships and choices influence our ability to “be the man”

Ideal Audiences

  • Men’s Development Groups
  • Fraternities
  • Athletics
  • First-Year Experience​


Denied and Distinguished: Every Day Choices for Extraordinary Outcomes in College and Life

Keynote | Workshop | Virtual

For many, attending college is the goal. It is the end-result of years of preparation, sacrifice, and purposeful efforts. 

You are here! 

But where do you want to go? 
What’s the vision? 
What’s your process of getting there?

For Casey Cornelius, college-going was not an expectation. His guidance counselor prepared him “college isn’t for everyone” as he barely graduated from high school. Despite his best hopes, he was rejected by every college to which he applied.

Yes. Every single one.

Casey is now a leading national voice in personal development and has worked to make the process of getting from where you are (here) to where you want to be (there) simple. He breaks down the ways in which our long-term vision of success, habits, and daily practices can be aligned to ensure we reach our full potential. 

It all comes down to choices.

This isn’t just a theory; Casey has used this formula to achieve extraordinary results for more than 25 years! He is the first in his family to attend college, the first to graduate, and holds a Bachelor and two Masters degrees. He is a member of his Fraternity’s Hall of Fame, the creator of the Cornelius Scholarship for First-Generation Students, a Distinguished Alumnus from the University of Toledo, and winner of national and international awards and recognition for his educational content creation. 

Denied and Distinguished equips audiences and organizations to build momentum toward their desired vision through purposeful, daily steps. Insightful, passionate, and often-humorous, Casey weaves a message which inspires audiences to act!

Audience members will…

  • Create a personal narrative of short- and long-term success 

  • Explore the choice making process for achieving your goals

  • Develop a mindset and strategies pointed toward extraordinary in all facets of life

Ideal Audiences

  • New Student Orientation/Convocation
  • First Year Experience
  • First-Gen Programming

The Extraordinary Art of Caring (When No One Else Seems to Give a F*ck)

Keynote | Workshop | Retreat | Virtual

Does it seem like folks don’t really care anymore? Common decency is lacking, attendance is low, and even leadership positions are going unfilled. There must be a way of re-energizing our members and ourselves to have more passion and empathy.

There is. 

And it starts with CARE.

Casey J. Cornelius has been a leading voice with topics moving the needle on college campuses and in large organizations for years. He now turns his attention to one of the most-pressing concerns of our day: enthusiasm fatigue. Casey wants to help individuals and groups recapture the love of membership, friendship, and service by blending a message of mindset and strategy. The art of caring, he says, is extraordinary and help cure many of the challenges facing campuses and communities. 

In our complicated, challenging world, what we need is care. And we need it now!

Note: This program has an alternate title which reads The Extraordinary Act of Caring (When No One Else Seems To)

Audience members will…

  • Explore the core concepts of CARE (concern, awareness, respect, and empathy)

  • Consider the collective lived experiences leading to enthusiasm fatigue

  • Foster a renewed passion for the power of relationships 

  • Develop a powerful mantra to sustain CARE beyond today

Ideal Audiences

  • Leadership
  • Fraternity and Sorority Life
  • Building Community
  • First-Year Experience
  • Professional Development
  • Community Colleges​

Carrying The Fire

Keynote | Workshop

For years, our organizations have had extraordinary leaders who have seen us through difficult times. They have demonstrated how to overcome challenges, lead with vision, all while remaining consistent in their choices and priorities.

New members and leaders often feel uncertain in their abilities to meet the expectations of their membership opportunities. What differentiates those extraordinary leaders and members of the past with those emerging today? 

Only their choices.

In this powerful message of purpose and mission, Casey shares the mindset and strategies central to short- and long-term success. Whether for a group of new members of newly elected officers, he shares a powerful metaphor, Carrying the Fire, to equip them to be ready for the road ahead.

Audience members will…

  • Consider ways in which membership is meant to enhance the personal experience and how members must enhance the potential of organizations

  • Explore the most pressing issues facing members today

  • Develop strategies and mindset to lead to extraordinary results

  • Use the “Carrying the Fire” metaphor to connect to personal responsibility for group/organizational success
Ideal Audiences
  • Fraternity and Sorority Life
  • New Member Programming
  • Greek Week
  • Recruitment Training

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