Female Speakers to Watch in 2023

Female Speakers to Watch in 2023 It is 2023 and here are six top female speakers to invite to your campuses and events. Looking for a unique idea for Women’s History Month in March? Look no further than these powerful ladies.   Jasmine C. Williams teaches audiences how failure and adversity can help them grow. […]

Stop believing the lies: 3 Simple Ways to Address Impostor Syndrome

It’s amazing how fast our thoughts can change isn’t it? We could be on top of the world while we’re leading others, and then all of a sudden that little voice creeps in and grabs the microphone and says something like: “Testing, testing… you’re not good enough… sooner or later they’ll find out you don’t […]

Fear is a liar…but It’s Voice is Loud and Clear

I spend a lot of time in my programs talking with audiences (mostly men) about fear. It’s an ugly, four-letter word to many and even the act of delving into the feeling of fear, let alone its causes, is difficult.  I’ve asked folks to reflect on what they are truly afraid of and the answers […]

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