ForCollegeForLife Expands, Launches Consultation Services

Since 2014, ForCollegeForLife has distinguished itself as America’s leading college speaking agency and as a trusted partner for campuses and organizations from coast-to-coast. Today, we are proud to share our services will also include Consultations in addition to our keynote and workshop speaking programs. “The core of our business has always been the speaking engagement,” […]

New Year, Same You

This time of year, we’ll hear the mantra “New Year, New You” dozens of times. But let’s be clear, in every way, the human that goes to sleep at midnight on 12/31/21 is the exact same human at 1:00am on 1/1/22. Same person, same feelings, same patterns – unless we learn to interrupt our existing […]

How Do You Deal With Change?

The saying “There’s no growth outside your comfort zone” is crap. I’ve always read that “there’s no growth in your comfort zone, and there’s no comfort in your growth zone.” I’m happy if people read that quote, go outside their comfort zone, and find success, but the quote is fundamentally wrong. A different type of […]

4 Things to Remind Ourselves Before the Inauguration

By Odell Bizzell This is not a political post. I should say this again to be clear… This is not a political post. But right about now it seems like the previous statement is akin to the saying, “With all due respect..” It’s like you know when someone says “with all due respect,” they’re about […]

Sure-Footed Leadership

By Dr. Kevin Reynolds My son is learning to walk. Sitting on the floor of our living room watching my son, Samuel, standing up, holding the edge of our couch as he struggles to keep his balance moving towards our dog Zoey, who wants absolutely nothing to do with him, as he smiles and does […]

A Middle Seat Message of Resilience

By Summer Owens Before COVID-19 changed everything about our lives, I was a frequent flier. Going from city to city speaking all over the country, I have had the privilege of meeting some awesome and interesting people. Right now, Southwest is my preferred airline, that is unless I forget to check-in for my flight 24 […]

Zero to 100

By Casey J. Cornelius Over the last six weeks I, like many of you, have encountered the gambit of emotions; it was on March 10th as I was traveling home from what would become my last speaking engagement of the Spring that I started to wrap my mind around the looming impact of COVID-19. Although […]

My Happiness Anchor: Sisterhood

Jessica Gendron Williams | Yesterday morning my day started by helping a friend pick out an outfit for a big video meeting she had. Our Marco Polo trio carefully helped her pick out the perfect earring/necklace combo and determine if she should wear a suit jacket or not. We complimented her beautifully curled, flowing […]

Shopping For “Essentials”

By Billy Boulden Anybody else feel like this ‘quarantine” (I know that is not the correct term, but what are we doing really?) is exposing themselves? I’ve known for a long time that I have an addictive personality. This has caused me pain and happiness over the years: I’ve been to the casino and lost […]

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