Frequently Asked Questions

The price we quote you for service is all-inclusive and our goal is to never surprise you with any additional costs. This means travel, lodging, transportation, food, etc. is always incorporated into the service price. In some instances, we may ask for additional consideration for lodging accommodations if there is a specific venue or if travel is to a difficult location, but those considerations will always be discussed prior to the agreement being presented to you.

Typically, we will set a date 2-3 weeks after the agreement is presented to you for it to be signed and returned. In situations where the event is less than one month from the time of the agreement being presented, we will request a more expedited review and approval. 

Our system will recognize it as an “open” date on the calendar and it is available for other partners to schedule. We will always contact you to let you know if an agreement is scheduled to be cancelled prior to it being released. 

Our standard terms are for payment to be made within 21 days after the date of an engagement. If your campus or organization has other requests, most often for NET30 or 45, please let us know. In the event payment isn’t made by the deadline, our system automatically generates a 10% late fee.

We accept check, ACH (direct deposit) transfer, and credit card payments. Please note there is a processing fee associated with credit card payments. Please let us know if you would like to pay via this option. 

You cannot. We require you make payments directly to ForCollegeForLife and not the Speaker individually. 

Your speakers will contact you no less than 7 days prior to the engagement to set up a phone call to discuss logistics. 

We understand situations change. Our first goal is to reschedule events if at all possible but, if needed, we are happy to cancel an engagement. We do require reimbursement of all documented,  non-refundable costs incurred by the Speaker in anticipation of your event. 

Unless otherwise agreed to prior to an engagement, recording and/or livestreaming of content is not allowed. 

In general, your Speaker will arrive to the venue no later than one hour prior to an engagement unless another arrangement is requested. 

Our goal is to be as low maintenance as possible. We ask for a microphone, ability to plug in a laptop or device using a HDMI, VGA, or USB connection, and for there to be a professional A/V support person on-site or able to be contacted to ensure all systems are working properly. 

Our goal is to meet your needs. If you find an additional program might be of benefit, just let us know and we will work to make it a reality. Speakers will not extend program time/offerings without prior approval, however. 

The program delivered to you is the exclusive property of the Speaker delivering it and, unless a prior request and agreement is confirmed, content will not be shared outside of the engagement itself. 

Updated April, 2024

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