Female Speakers to Watch in 2023

It is 2023 and here are six top female speakers to invite to your campuses and events. Looking for a unique idea for Women’s History Month in March? Look no further than these powerful ladies.


Jasmine C. Williams teaches audiences how failure and adversity can help them grow. Using her firsthand experiences, Jasmine helps audiences support classmates and colleagues through grief, anxiety, and other difficult experiences. Learn More >


Jessica Lundy is an award-winning TV host turned transformational life coach, speaker and author, that has a proven record of unlocking student potential by increasing clarity and confidence, which results in better grades, higher graduation rates, and improved behavior. Learn More >


K.J. McNamara has spent over 15 years working on developing confidence and relationship skills with college students, and equipping communities to grow and flourish. Learn More >


Abby Conway brings experience in leadership development, curriculum writing and design, and facilitation. She has delivered individualized content to clients through programming, overseen the development and implementation of continuous training for a team, and designed curriculum to enhance organizational experiences. Learn More >


Dr. Mari Ann Callais has been a keynote and featured speaker at many local, regional, national and international conferences and conventions. She has been a member of AFA since 1991 and wrote her dissertation on Sorority Rituals and Behavior. Learn More >


Mindy Sopher speaks to the hearts of students about celebrating all that is good in organizations on college campuses. Currently, she teaches Nonprofit Leadership and Development and advises undecided new students. Learn More >


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