We are thrilled today to share the addition of four expert Speakers/Consultants to our talented rosters. Each brings with them extensive experience in the field, compelling programs and topics, and the talent to meet the custom needs of our campus and organizational partners.

“Today is a great day for us at ForCollegeForLife,” said President Casey J. Cornelius. “The inclusion of these four great individuals ensures we are meeting the content needs of our clients while aligning with our core values of professionalism, integrity, and service. They are good people, doing in important work, and we are lucky to have them on the team!”

Dr. Mari Ann Callais has been a leading voice for decades on the topics of sorority, women’s empowerment, and aligning organizational rituals to daily actions, and her signature programs reflect the evolution of thinking on these core topics. Learn more about at her speaking (https://forcollegeforlife.com/mariann/) and consulting (https://forcollegeforlife.com/consulting/mariann/) offerings.

Qy’Darrius (Q) McEachern has brought energy and passion to the topics of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging. His signature work on performative activism and microaggressions is designed to educate and challenge individuals and organizations. Learn more about his speaking (https://forcollegeforlife.com/qydarrius/) and consulting (https://forcollegeforlife.com/consulting/qydarrius) work now.

Carlos J. Malave has significant experience as an educator, speaker, curriculum designer, and consultant with primary focuses in restorative justice, mental wellbeing, men and masculinity, and suicide prevention. Learn more about his compelling signature speaking programs (https://forcollegeforlife.com/carlos/) and consulting services (https://forcollegeforlife.com/consulting/carlos/).

Abby Conway brings a depth of experience in higher education, organizational development, and leadership training and curriculum development. Her signature work on women’s empowerment reflects a fresh, new take on friendship, collaboration, and group identity. Learn more about her speaking (https://forcollegeforlife.com/abby/) and consulting (https://forcollegeforlife.com/consulting/abby/) service offerings. 

Since 2014, ForCollegeForLife has served colleges, universities, and (inter)national organizations through keynotes, workshops, retreats, and consultation programs. Let us show you how we have earned our reputation as America’s Leading College Speaking Agency by scheduling your program or service today at ForCollegeForLife.com or calling/texting (989) 798-5143. 

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