Jessica Lundy

Jessica Lundy

Jessica Lundy is an award-winning TV host turned transformational life coach, speaker and author, that has a proven record of unlocking student potential by increasing clarity and confidence, which results in better grades, higher graduation rates, and improved behavior.

Jessica Lundy is an award-winning TV host turned transformational life coach, speaker and author, that has a proven record of unlocking student potential by increasing clarity and confidence, which results in better grades, higher graduation rates, and improved behavior.

As a personal development coach for over a decade, she has taught students winning strategies to be successful in every area of their lives. From winning her dream job after competing with over 1200 people to be a television host in a significant market to winning her honeymoon in beautiful Cancun, Mexico; Jessica is ready to teach your students how to gain more clarity, supportive relationships, achievements, overall happiness, and success.

When she’s not speaking or coaching, you can find Jessica traveling the world and watching the latest comedy special on Netflix with her husband.


Leading on Empty

Keynote | Workshop | Virtual

Full day of classes…
Three assignments due tomorrow…
Midterm exam next week…
Two meetings tonight…

Who even has time to lead? 

Jessica Lundy knows this feeling all too well; wanting to accomplish everything on your to-do list and still be the type of leader your organization needs you to be. It can be exhausting, for sure, but it doesn’t have to be that way. In this signature program, Jessica teaches the strategies to thrive in challenging times and, most importantly, preventative measures to live your life on full.

This program focuses on the critical topics of self-care, prioritization, delegation, and learning how to budget your time, energy, and talents for those you lead. Just like a fuel tank has a gauge, so should you. The best leaders, the ones who show up and better their teams consistently, know how to assess their fuel levels and plan accordingly. Jessica is committed to helping you master your internal assessments and making sure you always wake up and win!

Audience members will…

  • Reflect on the inherent stressors and time management issues associated with leadership

  • Consider ways to empower others and delegate to enhance leadership success

  • Develop strategies to prioritize, and when necessary, say “no” to opportunities

Ideal Audiences

  • Leadership Development
  • Student Government

Audience members will…

  • Explore goal setting strategies to turn dreams into reality

  • Discover the power of words/affirmations 

  • Consider the importance of accountability and accountability partners

  • Develop strategies to overcome fear to achieve success

  • Create a “Winning Study Plan” to maximize time investments

Ideal Audiences

  • Orientation/First Year Experience
  • Leadership Development
  • Student Success

Winning Every Day

Keynote | Workshop | Virtual

You ever notice someone who seems to be making all the right moves? They operate in a way that makes you think they have all the cheat codes to life.

What’s their secret?

It turns out there is no secret to success, but there is a clear recipe. In this signature program, Jessica Lundy helps audiences to establish clear goals, overcome limiting forces, and develop the type of mindset needed to win every day. 

If you spend more than 5 minutes with Jessica you recognize her incredible enthusiasm; it’s her superpower! But that superpower comes from years of practice and developing the strategies she uses each and every day. This program is intended to help individuals and groups establish the patterns that will allow them achieve more now and into the future.

It all starts with winning every day. 

***Ask about including Jessica’s book “Wake Up and Win” for workshop participants.

You've Got This: Making Mental Wellness and Self-Care Top Priorities

Keynote | Workshop | Virtual

Too often we assume it’s just me. Just my issue to manage or just something I have to deal with.

But mental health is important for everyone.  

You included!

Across all campuses, regardless of gender, race, age, identity or economic status, the concern for student mental health is paramount. Jessica Lundy, in this new signature program, reflects on her experiences with going from feeling alone and wondering “what’s wrong with me?” to positive self-care and love. 

These can be taboo subjects, so we think until we realize that tens of millions of us are grappling with the same issues. 

Jessica wants to help students develop arriving-and-thriving strategies related to college success, feeling isolated, being overwhelmed, and most importantly, how to manage stress and create positive affirmations and self-talk. All of these, she knows, help students feel they are valued, loved, and well.

Audience members will…

  • Develop strategies to overcome/manage stress

  • Utilize 5 powerful words that will shift your mindset 

  • Consider how to embrace a lifestyle of gratitude

  • Find your tribe to prevent isolation

Ideal Audiences

  • Mental Health/Wellness 
  • Leadership Development
  • Student Success

Audience members will…

  • Explore strategies related to overcoming adversity and achieving success

  • Consider the significance of building something greater than ourselves

  • Develop a deep vision and mission statement for life

  • Be inspired to build community and support others in their journeys

Ideal Audiences

Now That’s Magic: How Black Women Have Shaped History Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

Keynote | Workshop | Virtual

All too often in the telling of American history is the absence of the role black women have had in shaping it! In Jessica Lundy’s newest signature program, she explores the origins of what we have come to know as “black girl magic” and shows what we can do to apply that magic to shape the future.
From Madam C.J. Walker to Oprah, from Rihanna to Simone Biles, black women have achieved greatness despite, maybe even because of, overcoming tremendous obstacles.  Their stories and legacies provide the blueprint for today, a blueprint for perseverance and overcoming challenges, and how to harness the magic to achieve your greatest dreams.
In this inspiring program, Jessica will share not only how each of these women have impacted her and propelled her journey, but also distill the essential elements of each for audience members to use in their endeavors.
This program is tailored specifically for Black History Month and Women’s History Month programming.