Dr. Mari Ann Callais

Dr. Mari Ann Callais

Dr. Mari Ann Callais serves as the Sr. Director of Strategic Initiatives for Delta Delta Delta Fraternity. She has been a keynote and featured speaker at many local, regional, national and international conferences and conventions. She has been a member of AFA since 1991 and wrote her dissertation on Sorority Rituals and Behavior.

Dr. Mari Ann Callais serves as the Sr. Director of Strategic Initiatives for Delta Delta Delta Fraternity. She has been a keynote and featured speaker at many local, regional, national and international conferences and conventions. She has been a member of AFA since 1991 and wrote her dissertation on Sorority Rituals and Behavior.

As a First-generation college student, Mari Ann will admit she didn’t know much when she walked onto her undergraduate campus for the first time.  From that moment on, Mari Ann began to understand how this experience was truly going to be life changing. As a sorority woman, Orientation Team President, member of a performance group, retreat facilitator and musician, all helped a young woman from a small fishing village become confident that she could contribute and make a difference in the world around her.

Having been a higher education professional since her undergraduate years, Mari Ann incorporates stories, music, and lessons learned as well as research to deliver authentic and engaging presentations. Mari Ann loves working alongside students and the professionals and volunteer who support them.

A true believer in challenge and support, Mari Ann never talks at her audience, but with them. Mari Ann never assumes she has all the answers, but shares ideas, resources and serves as an advocate for the student experience as one about growth and development.

Mari Ann believes in students and the power of conversations. More than anything, Mari Ann wants to emulate an experience of community and belonging.


Women & Hazing: A Conversation About Consent

Keynote | Workshop | Virtual | Retreat

“Women & Hazing” is an interactive and informative program designed to address the often overlooked issue of hazing within female-centric organizations, with a particular focus on sororities and women’s groups. Through a combination of education, discussion, and reflection, this program aims to raise awareness, promote accountability, and foster a culture of inclusivity and respect within these communities.

Take the first step towards building a stronger, healthier, and more inclusive sisterhood. Together, let’s create a culture where every woman feels respected, supported, and empowered to thrive.

This program will…

  • Raise Awareness: Provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of the prevalence, forms, and consequences of hazing among women’s organizations.

  • Promote Accountability: Encourage participants to critically examine their own attitudes and behaviors towards hazing, and explore proactive measures for preventing and addressing it.

  • Foster Inclusivity: Create a supportive and non-judgmental space for dialogue and reflection, where all members feel empowered to contribute to a positive organizational culture.

  • Equip Participants: Offer practical strategies and resources for identifying, confronting, and reporting instances of hazing, while prioritizing the well-being and safety of all members.

  • Inspire Action: Motivate participants to become advocates for change within their organizations, promoting values of respect, integrity, and sisterhood.

Ideal Audiences

  • Members, leaders, and advisors of sororities

  • Women’s Groups

  • Female-centric organizations

It’s Not About Fitting In: Building True Belonging in Student Organizations

Keynote | Workshop | Virtual | Retreat

When done correctly, our organizations are places of belonging. A place where members find community, purpose, and bonds that can last a lifetime. 

What we know about belonging has changed in the last few years; previously the conventional wisdom said it was about finding a group where we feel we fit in and joining. Simple, right? Not so much.

In this new signature program, Dr. Mari Ann Callais shows how our organizations can take lessons from our collective experience of the pandemic, how we have adapted to maintain and develop connections, and apply them to the needs of all new and current members. It isn’t about fitting in, rather about asking members to be who they already are and ensuring they find a home in our organizations. 

At its core, that’s what true belonging is all about.

Audience members will…

  • Distinguish between “fitting in” and “belonging” for prospective members of organizations

  • Clarify how belonging in actualized in community, purposes, and bonds

  • Explore ways in which members can share organizational identity/identities to prospective new members

Ideal Audiences

  • Membership Development

  • Recruitment

  • Community Colleges​


*Ask about how this program can be tailored for Recruitment Training 

Are You A Sorority Girl or A Sorority Woman? There Is A Difference

Keynote | Workshop | Virtual | Retreat

There is a difference between sorority women and sorority girls. Are we portraying ourselves as little sorority girls who follow frat boys and how they are perceived on social media? 

Our own members are minimizing what the world and perspective members believe sororities are about. 

You are more than pre-recruitment TikTok videos and that’s the story that needs to be told. 

Sorority women care about one another, the values of their organizations, and making a difference. Changing the narrative may not be easy, but it is necessary.

Audience members will…

  • Discuss the difference in being girlie and being a girl.

  • Understand the difference in level of respect by learning and growing to become a sorority woman instead of a girl.

  • Empowering and encouraging one another to be more aligned with your organizational and personal values and to lead with these values. 

Ideal Audiences

  • Sorority

Shifting Mindsets, Connecting Generations

Keynote | Workshop | Virtual

We help organizational leaders understand the power of shifting mindsets and connecting generations.

The Aunt & Niece duo of Dr. Mari Ann Callais and Emily Hines has been preparing for this collaboration their entire lives (well at least Emily’s). Mari Ann and Emily have had many conversations where we hear one another but we don’t always agree. What we have experienced through years of discussing important topics is even though we may be members of both Generations X and Z, we have much to learn from one another.

Our keynote models how two women, from different perspectives, have learned to listen and find space to actually hear one another by taking the time to find our similarities. We will tell the story of how we came to this place of understanding, offer suggestions as to how as an audience member you can take what we share and apply it to your organization or work space, and bring about true collaborative intergenerational experiences.

We will share some key factors:

  1. Suggested ways to create an understanding of different and common ground.
  2. Importance of conversations
  3. Resistance doesn’t have to be rejection
  4. Mutual respect
  5. Building meaningful space

Audience members will…

  • Gain insights into bridging generational gaps, fostering understanding, and leveraging diverse perspectives.

  • Be inspired to embrace flexibility, adaptability, and empathy in navigating intergenerational dynamics.

  • Leave equipped with practical strategies for fostering collaboration, enhancing communication, and cultivating a cohesive environment across generations.

Ideal Audiences

  • Organizational Leaders
  • Volunteers
  • Advisors, Faculty, and Staff

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